Crescent Femme

by FeverDreams

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Magdalene Beautiful and otherworldly, yet so earthy and magical. Favorite track: Mirrors.
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Recorded April 2016 at Long gone studios, New Orleans
Mixed and Mastered by David Cook at Area 52 Studios/Saugerties, NY
Photography by Sarrah Danziger
Album Artwork by Alex Hood

Fever Dreams:
MaeDea Lady La Rose: Keyboard and Vocals
Ian Cook: Violin
Free Feral:Viola
Shawn Myers: Drums
Cory Ashby, Renee Anderson, Laura Borealis

Contributing Artists:
Switch Sedef & Missa on vocals
Pete Olynciw on Bass

All songs composed by MaeDea
except #5 (composed by Pete Olynciw)
Lyrics by MaeDea


released October 30, 2016

This album is dedicated to the divine feminine, to sacred sensuality, to the earth, to the honey, to the harmony.
This album is dedicated to the beautiful deaths, the shining stars, the rivers, the temples of the hanging dragon scales.
This music pours out in service to Innana, Magdalene, The rainbow serpent, New Orleans, Oshun, Oceans, and the Sonoran Desert.

A special thank you goes out to Joseph Faison for recording our album, To David Cook for beautifully and artfully- Mixing and Mastering. To Pete, Switch and Missa for their contribution in Fever Dreams. Most elegant rose filled thank you- goes out to my teachers, Pomegranate Doyle, Sage Goode, Colette Gardner, Larry Savides.

I call in the new language of the ancient tongue one in which the snakes run full of love. A thinking that binds us ever more deeply to the thick of the world. The spell of the sensuous between the body and the earth. We are reborn every time we re-immerse in our beingness, nurturing ourselves in clarity.
Life swells within us, unfolds all around us.



all rights reserved


FeverDreams New Orleans, Louisiana

An artistic collaboration of feminine expression. Sex positive, body positive, divine feminist, queered up priestess pop.

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Track Name: Mirrors
Wind plays water their movement is one
Lighting up the other
Diaspora of cultural longing
Language of mutual respect
I stared at the distance after her
Muscular heavily veined
Made of snake skin
The skin that carried back across the ache
Of many blessings.

Wind plays water their music is one
Lighting up the other

Nothing but prayers in my body
Only these eyes of sacredness
Following my wild face
At daybreak
I share with them years of traveling
Roads into source
Roads into source
Streaming Clouds

There was only Blue
Turquoise everywhere

Ritual fires burn hot
Opening between my legs
I am the embrace
To live here
Where divinity rises
It’s if I am made
From bird cries
Cries so deep
It’s like lightening in my throat
My dragon king is crowned with clouds of yellow
Pine pollen
Track Name: High Priestess
I wonder how long it’s been since a woman of my bloodline
Held her body like this
I’m this child, Saguaro keeps an eye on
Tender of deep mysterious blues
Hey Priestess

Clit, Hooded One, Healer
She who journeys into pleasure immeasurable
My North Star, My Pole Star

she says

Let the light be born through my body
I am bound to the snake the power of life belongs to the serpent
Snakes stir new life in my womb
These serpents are potions
Bearing dvine somas in their tongues
Potent visions survive on ambrosia and saffron
Thunderheads crack open a mountain of forgiveness
Pour it through my open mouth

Pleasure bestow the wisdom of my senses
Pleasure bestow the wisdom of my senses

If your ready come and live this, build a fire, everyday it grows higher.
I would sit still in the caves listening
Wrap the length of snakes around me
The garden of eden is right here
With each intake of breath there is a choice to invoke
To invoke
To invoke

Here is my wine, Here is my salt
Here is the spirit of my devotion
That turns and turns in endless swaying
Track Name: Tell me Fire
Tell me Fire
These good lips of mine that answer to heat and sunrise
These good thighs that open to heat and sunrise
Some mysteries cannot be kept silent
Yes some mysteries cannot be kept silent
Tell me Fire
Tell me Fire
From the valley of her mountain mouth
Where vases of gorgeous white light pour out
At your feet come unto me
At your feet
Come unto me
With pleasure, with sunset incantations
so that I may within me carry the storm
While I walk through this lushness
Tell me Fire
Tell me
Three Crones sip from salted sand dunes
Pull me close into our personal ballroom
Cause it’s like that
Such is the way of the wind that destroys
The old order of things
In the setting sun
Exalted adoration
Track Name: The one who kissed me on the mouth and knows no limits
The one who kissed me on the mouth and knows no limits
I was painted with feather, clay and soft umbers
You were sitting by me painted in thunder. Sunray Dawn.
When my mouth opens to your touch
Universes pour through me in the womb of my ancestors
I love this
Curving open Phallus I drink
Like a crescent, sipping from the shadow of a dream
Circular motions Phallus I drink
In the black night
My moon milk, my light.
You held valuable things like seashells
A new aspect of a love revealed
you are the doorway to worlds unknown
The fox that brings me to the panther
Running up mountains
Mastery of emotional well-being
You are not the be all though
You are worlds unknown
But one of many keys
One of many keys
And you were sitting by me
Track Name: Sex Starred Caves
I lay back on the warm stones
Collage of Azure
Aquamarine swimming
Collage of Azure
Fluted peach pussy lips pulse
Figure eight
Like a sidewinder snake
Kiss me gold bone king
Where petals pearl ivory sheen
of dew light
Mine is an archway where all beginnings exist
Yours an archway where all beginnings exist
The land curls around my Curves
in the sunset
With golden Kings and Queens
You showed your image
you filled me with light
The land curves around my curves
In the sunset
With golden kings and queens
Their song is tropical winter
Track Name: Magicians of the Floral Kingdoms
Allow the day to come back again we can sing to the start of an early dawn rising
On the grey divan, birds shaking up the trees
Before Dawn cracks open a new bowl to sip from
What is this?
Wild embrace
A bridge to heaven, the sound of skin shedding
Full on gate of birth
Full on gate of death
Yes Yes yES

We forever swim in sunset
All the clouds dreamed in our names
I see you us walking through the mountain
Rising hips above the flames
I see us walking through the mountain
Drew our ancestors in the sand

I remember who I am
I remember who I am

Pillars rise up from the fallen dust within my hidden body
Whole civilizations are dying within my hidden body
All our pretty sounds fall like pollen to the ground
Track Name: One Hundred Roses
Rose Ruah Rhea queen
She holds power in my dreams
Cherish these late night reveries
You please me eclipsing
Don’t stop please
Drop your pearls in the milk of the moon
Hips to lips on the warm smooth stones
We rode in on Roses
We rode
We rode
Mari Marai Mary
you look good
Wearing my pearl necklace
It’s my late night offering
channeling silver messages
Dance good forever right now
Lips crown hips heart
Cradled in that shade tree
Slipper shells, milk and cream
Feel that sweet opening
Red melon grows
You got me
Crying out like a volcano
You got me crying out
Like a volcano
We rode in on roses
We rode in on roses
We rode on
We rode on
Track Name: Helios
Your a blushing black sun
A whirling dervish
When you paint my lips
Sunrise in your eyes
Souls as big as oceans
A rose plume in a deep chocolate bass drum

Eyes pinpoints of honeycomb
Leading a storm of stars
Whirling lassos of light
Precious as I am
Precious as you are
We remember this place
The sacred to the temple.
My love beat into the drum
Beat into the drum my love
I am your sweetness, your holy lover
You are my black rabbit wind, you are one I treasure.
Changing, changing, always changing
That is the power
That is the shape
Of us
Giver of dreams
Don’t even think of showing me time
Here within, we belong to the soul of Inanna
Here within, I am an endless prism of transitions
The magdalene

The painter dips the brush into the moon and stirs the waters with a magician’s touch. The hawks are gleaming through their vision. The painter knows the direction This living road, where dreams are spinning songs into endless circles.
We would like to go up to andromeda.
Track Name: The Hawk and the Serpent
Spirit suffers ordeals all the beauty of yours shines
Lights in the dark
When the one I love holds me
Holiness is revealed
From the mouth of the grotto
You feel me in the center
Lovers of the wind
Lovers of beauty
The sea is continuous
The sea is our song
The sea is our song
The tithe of my tongue, divine masculine
My lips, Lush, Sacred Feminine
Each moment they meet is inception
Sex is sacrament
Sex is sacrament
Passion sings a song pure and innocent
Light and darkness spinning round and round again
I love the ways you swim underneath me
I love the ways we drum that love
The sea is our song
The sea is our song
When you are painting into my lips
I feel my home